I fixed a hefty automation design problem while I waited on my car getting new tyres today.  I took my work MacBook with me and worked while I waited.  I was surprised that I was able to work as well as I did and something, about fixing the issue in that environment, has stuck with me.  I think I've realised that I can be truly agile with my work and that I don't have to be rigid with my environment - progress can happen anywhere at any time.  Maybe that's it - any place and any time is an opportunity for good things to happen.

An old man was there getting new tyres (or something) and he joked with me that the waiting room was a work-free zone.  We got to talking and he showed me his 1994 Jaguar out in the shop floor.  He then told me that he had to get to Hillsborough by 5pm.  He didn't know the best route, so I looked it up for him on Google Maps.  He was pleased.  I was pleased, and I still got a ton of work done.

I hope tomorrow is as good.  I might climb one of the trees in the garden tomorrow and see if I can make progress from there.