The bins have to go out the night before.  So tonight, before I locked up, I trailed the black and brown bin from the far side of the back of the house, around the side and up the driveway, and left them outside the wall at the front.  This might not sound like much, but sometimes the brown bin feels like there's a dead body in it.

The bin lorry normally comes at about 10am, but once in a while its before 7am, which is why its not worth the risk of putting them out in the morning.  I'm usually in a mad rush in the morning as well, if I'm going into the office, and I would forget about the bins in the morning anyway, so its best that they go out the night before.

I'll be in the office every day this week.  Everyone in the office gets a turn at being the person who fills and empties the dishwasher and who cleans the big, mad coffee machine.  This week its me so I'm in all week.  I don't know why they have a rota like this, and why the cleaner doesn't do it, but if they want to pay me my salary to empty a dishwasher then fine.  The coffee machine I don't mind cleaning.  This is because the coffee tastes better since I've started cleaning it.  On the first day it became clear that it hadn't been cleaned properly in some time.  People sometimes do the minimum they can get away with.  The coffee machine should be secretly checked for cleanliness and people's bonuses worked out with that taken into consideration.  If you're a "do the minimum" type of person then it will show really quickly.

I cannot believe that, after not blogging for ages, I write one about cleaning coffee machines, emptying dishwashers and leaving bins out.  Such is my life now - I am domesticated!