Its 10:30 pm on the 31st of December 2019.  Only 90 minutes of this decade remains and I am indifferent to its passing.  I have never been able to understand the fascination, or the emotion, associated with dates changing.  Any significant change in tomorrow, when compared with today, will have nothing to do with the fact that its 2020 and no longer 2019.

What we can use the change in dates for is to have a quantifiable frame of reference for the passing of time.  My life was much different ten years ago from what it is today.  I was still working on my PhD a decade ago, I was living alone in Garvagh and my relationship status would have been best described as "complicated".  Now I am married, with a child, in my own home and with a good career.  Things are still fairly mad though.  I don't think life ever gets to a point where all of the madness has completely gone out of it.

So its 10:30 pm and I'm in bed in a spare room.  Everyone in the house is sick with a bug we picked up over Christmas.  Jennifer's family all fly home for Christmas, through busy airports and on cramped planes, everyone spends days out shopping in busy towns, and we all get to share the bugs each of us might pick up.  There's nothing that can be done about it - its that time of year.  So we're all sick and in bed because Jessica, being ill and also because she's cutting a front tooth, can wake at any time and needs attention.  Someone has to do the night shift and someone has to do the post 5 am shift.  Its a temporary situation because she normally sleeps really well and I would rather this was happening now than when we're back at work and she's back to nursery.

I'm not going to wish you a happy new year.  Not because I don't wish you well, but because I only ever wished people a happy new year because it seemed to be an odd social convention.  Your life won't improve because the number of the year has changed.  We can't build our future happiness on luck, blind hope or divine intervention.  Sometimes bad luck does befall us, but generally, the state of our lives is a result of the choices we made and the planning, and action, we took.  Luck is made, more often than not.  Make 2020 a good year.