I've been working up to sixteen hour days lately.  Part of this was because of lock-down, not having nursery to send my little ball of energy to, and because my team is global and has a high workload.

I'm proud of my guys because they're excellent, but I do have to keep a focus on everything that comes our way because I can't be having high-profile mistakes.  The standards are high, the team is getting a lot of recognition, and I can't let anyone slack off.  Excellence has to be the minimum standard.

Anyway, this means long hours for a while, which takes its toll.  My left eye began to constantly twitch lately and I'd become irritable.  I took a few days off work and spent a good portion of the time sleeping.  My eye is now twitching less and I'm not so grumpy anymore.

Another bold move was to delete Facebook from my phone.  The app was murdering my battery, but it was also murdering my free time.  I was reading more nonsense, and watching more stupid videos, than I ever have before.  I've also freed myself from the mind-numbing rubbish people post to either self-promote or to gets sympathy "Likes".

I'm of an age where I can no longer consider myself an early adopter of technologies - I stick to what I know.  I'm sure, though, that Facebook has peaked a long time ago and is in a steady decline.  The young'uns are all TikTok'ing and SnapChatting.  I would imagine those apps are huge timewasters as well.