I don't know where tonight has gone.  The last I looked it was 6pm and suddenly its sufficiently dark that the screen of this laptop is lighting the room.  Maybe that's a sign I should turn the brightness down.  I tend to have the brightness turned up full on phones, tablets and laptops.  I don't think it does me any harm because I still don't need glasses, but it is painful if I wake up in the dead of night and look at my phone.  What seems normal at all other times suddenly feels like its so bright it's going to give me a tan.

I don't know of anyone who cares about a tan anymore.  When you're in your twenties, and everyone you're friendly with is young, then tanning is looked upon favourably; especially by women.  Now, that we're all a bit older, I think the view is that tanning accelerates the process of wrinkling so it's best to avoid excesses of sunlight.  I imagine most tans come from bottles for the ladies entering their middle years.

I found that, after shaving my head, I had an odd situation to deal with when it came to tanning.  My head had never felt the raw power of the sun beating down upon it before and it had no tolerance for it.  My face tanned and my head burnt.  Even now, many years later, I have a weird tan line where my hairline used to be.  I'll either had to accept it or ask a middle-aged lady which colour of bronzer to slap on my naked nut.