A few weeks ago, I bought a smart turbo trainer after following some encouragement from a friend.  A turbo trainer, for the uninformed as I was about a month ago, is a device that you bolt your bicycle to so that you can use it indoors.  You pedal for all your worth and some mechanical gizmos produce resistance so that it feels like you're riding on the road.  A smart turbo trainer provides some riding statistics, in it's simplest form and, in the case of the one I have, allows software to control how much resistance you experience.  This means that, when you're pedalling up a steep hill on the simulation software, it get's much harder to pedal in real life.  Similarly, you can almost freewheel down some hills.

The point of it all is exercise and it really works.  It also means I'm not out on the road annoying traffic like the rest of those insufferable twits.  I also wouldn't look right on a racing bike because I'm quite muscle-bound and I'm at odds with the skinny, wiry men you normally see in their skin-tights.

I was supposed to get 5 or 6 miles in tonight but it didn't happen.  Jessica is teething again and she start on a marathon guerning session for maybe 4 hours.  It's not that she's really crying, it's just that she whines when anyone looks at her the wrong way.  Whatever is about it, it sucks the energy from me and I was ready for bed at 8 pm.  I'm really hoping these last few teeth pop through quickly because daddy's girl hasn't been daddy's girl for about 3 days now.

The worst part about teething is that it causes a temperature.  The nursery called on Friday to say she had a high temperature, should be collected as quickly as possible, and shouldn't be brought back until she had been tested negative for COVID-19.  This meant a mad dash to the testing place, swabs jammed up her nose until she squealed, and then the wait until the results came back.  Fortunately they came back quickly, are negative, and she can go back to nursery tomorrow.  I cannot run a global team of 14 people and manage a guerning child, every day, for however long the isolation period is.  Roll on normality and new teeth.