My office, which used to be one of my garages, gets a lot of attention from my international colleagues.  Some of them are working from home in a cramped corner of a bedroom in whichever part of the world they're based.  This is possibly one of the first times in my life that I have a feeling, not only of pride, but that I deserve this because I earned it.  The cat seems to think she earned it too, or at least that it somehow belongs to her, but I'm willing to share so I can deal with her hogging the recliner in the corner.

My desks are at the far end of the room, sort of where this picture has been taken from, and my webcam is strategically placed to capture as much of the room as possible.  Nothing is by accident - at all times, during our career, we are presenting an image of, if not success, then at least impending success.  Success begets success.  Long may the begetting continue.

Office. Pleasant.