I've fallen back in love with ebay.  I used to buy bits and pieces on it, back when I was working on my PhD, and when I started my business.  Basically, I bought stuff on ebay when I was watching my bank balance and when I had time on my hands.

Times have changed.  I have no need to watch my bank balance, but I had no time recently, what with my job and the house getting reworked and extended.  My major part in the house situation (i.e. getting us moved out before the builders knocked through from the old part to the new) ended last week.  Since then I've been bidding on mad stuff on ebay.  It's mostly been vintage computer parts, but I find myself looking more and more at outlandish purchases.

I would love a brown 1985 Volvo estate; one with a roof rack.  I would have it restored mechanically, but with the bodywork left looking tired.  I would add some fluffy dice to the rear-view mirror and two stickers to the tailgate - an REO Speedwagon logo and a sticker that says "My other car is the Batmobile".  Of course I wouldn't really buy an old Volvo - I have enough to focus on with an old BMW, but I do like the idea of commuting in a time warp car.

Not that I commute anymore.  I really don't miss it and I'm glad that, post Covid, I doubt I'll be joining the masses on the motorway very often.  I must be one of the few people that Covid has worked out for.  I don't particularly want to socialise with colleagues, I hate commuting and I achieve more at home.  Besides, 94% of my staff aren't in this country so there's little point going in to work.  If I did, I would love it to be in a battered 1980s Volvo.

This is perfect.