Do you remember flip phones?  There was a stage, prior to touchscreen smartphones, when phones were made to be increasingly small and the best you could hope for was polyphonic ringtones and a colour screen.  How far we've come - my latest phone has 12Gb of main memory whereas this laptop has 8Gb of memory.  There is also more storage space on my phone than there is in this laptop.  Phones have become integral to our lives and the last thing we use them for is making phone calls.

Have we come too far though?  I find myself scrolling through YouTube shorts, which are basically TikTok videos, where people act as if they're not being filmed and then something mad happens.  Millions of people, all around the world, are spending hours every day watching this kind of dross on their phones.  I've also witnessed sagely advice in videos, from what not to eat to how to make your car run better.  Sometimes I buy into the advice and then, at some point, I give myself a shake and ask "why are you listening to some randomer on the Internet?".

We probably peaked, technology-wise, in about 2010.  It was useful without taking over our lives.  YouTube was filled with videos but it didn't intrude so much in our lives.  Twitter wasn't the monster it is now, there was no Instragram and everyone was posting pictures of their cats on Facebook without the virtue signalling and attention-seeking its a home for now.  Your phone wasn't tracking every single thing you say or do and you weren't getting targeted ads as a result.

I'm now going to say "new BMW 5 series" into my phone for maybe 5 times a day to see if an ad for a new BMW 5 series eventually appears.

It looks like its angrily squinting